Concierge Service

Blue Sky Travel Dreams believe that service should start from minute one. That your experience with them isn’t just about the booking, and purchase of a package.  It isn’t just about being professional, helpful or  knowledgeable.  

This isn’t intended as a slight, but a travel agent or assistant can do these things for you. Blue Sky Resort & Fishing is so much more.

At the heart of their company is a staunch belief in customer service.  The primary tenant that underpins everything Blue Sky Resort & Fishing is doing.  But at a level and with accompanying actions they hope exceed those lofty standards.

Blue Sky Resort & Fishing doesn’t just plan trips.  They help fulfill dreams, create experiences, and make the impossible possible.  At these standards simply doing ‘enough’, isn’t enough. Even exceeding expectations isn’t enough. It is essential that your experience is 5-star and 4-diamond at all times.  Every interaction and ever opportunity they have, they aim to make your experience better.  

Executive concierge is a vital factor in elevating your experience and ensuring your trip exceeds your expectations.  They are the invisible, unnoticed, and unseen member of your party.  Always there to get things done, and aid in the success of your trip.  A safety net that will be with you throughout your whole experience.  There in case things need fixing, disaster strikes, or you change your mind.  Always just a phone call away, 24 hours a day.  To change a booking, arrange transportation, book a course, a fishing trip or source local events.  Even recommendations for the best restaurants.

A Service experience that they believe will exceed your lofty standards.

They do the bookings.  They do the research.  They source the activities if you need.  With you 24 hours a day, from pick up to drop off. A simple phone call away at all times.  Need tickets to an event.  Call your concierge. Need a new reservation.  Call your concierge. Need a car or transport.  Call your concierge. Something suddenly changes.  Call your concierge.

When you choose Blue Sky, you will be assigned your own Concierge.  That same person will be your personal point of contact throughout your experience. Their 5-star concierge are experts in the hospitality field, with years of experience.  Ready to help you at a moments notice. Whatever you need, when you need it.

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