Aircraft Management

Blue Sky Travel is an organization with deep ties to the aviation industry, having collectively spent decades, crisscrossing the globe with high net worth clients, and working with industry leaders.

As an extension of their concierge travel service, Blue Sky Travel is extending management services to select individuals, and organizations. A promise to make private jet ownership a little easier and less onerous. Providing access to their rolodex of industry contacts, their expertise and team. With the promise of eliminating the most challenging aspects of Private Jet ownership, and help provide a plan to best offset the costs–without affecting their travel.

What is Aircraft Management?

With aircraft management you are handing over the operations and use of an aircraft to a management team. As a jet owner, you know jet ownership can be expensive, complicated and frustrating. It can also be taxing and time consuming. Almost like running a business.

Blue Sky Travel looks to take on these responsibilities for you. Taking the day-day operations off your hands.

Think of it like this…

Private Jets Are Like Horses

The reality of horse ownership is much like private jet ownership. Behind all of the fun, excitement, and beauty are a team of people you hire to care for the horse and a pile of expenses. There are stalls to rent, trainers, vets, feed, medicines and even riders to pay. In a blink of an eye, that beautiful, elegant and majestic horse has become a burden. One you love, but one that is expensive and time consuming.

A a private jet can feel the same, with fuel, hanger, repair, regulatory, and crew costs. It piles up. This aircraft should be fun and freeing, but instead it can be more mounting expenses, responsibilities and anxieties.

This is where aircraft management comes in. Blue Sky Travel Dreams puts their vast industry knowledge, insight and contacts (access to the best people and companies in the industry) to work for you. All in service of making jet ownership easier, and more enjoyable for you.

4 Ways We Can Help You get The Most Out Of Your Private Jet Ownership

1.) Aircraft Maintenance.

Maintenance is a part of the reality of aircraft ownership. It’s no different than your fancy sports car or championship race horse. These are finely-tuned machines that need to be inch perfect to perform in the air. With constant care and technical oversight to ensure your safety and those of your family.

Blue Sky Travel Dreams will immediately take over the management of your maintenance. Providing you with the right team, then help coordinate the care for your jet to ensure safe flight operations. From tip to tail. Inspections, repairs, avionics, and light and heavy checks. All completed according to America’s FAA regulations.

2.) Charter Revenue and Management

Blue Sky Travel Dreams can help you offset some of these costs. A massive benefit of aircraft management, offering you the opportunity to turn your private jet into an asset. Through rental, your jet can at least partially start paying for itself. All of a sudden, those gas, maintenance and crew costs aren’t all coming out of your pocket. They can help you maximize this income and put it on autopilot. With experience in managing and matching possible renters. Collecting and dispersing charter revenue.

3.) Safety

Private jets are glamorous, exciting and represent freedom of travel. But much like that sports car, there is a fine line between performance and failure. It is no mistake that your top-end supercar ends up in the shop more often. It is so finely balanced for performance, that one small issue can make it almost undrivable.

Both come with similar safety risks if not properly maintained. One just happens to be thousands of feet in the air. This doesn’t just hurt your wallet, it a massive risk to your safety.

The working condition and flight safety of your jet is Blue Sky’s primary focus. Their team can help strategize a safety management system with alerts, regular repairs, technology, and any other support needed to ensure a safe flight every time. Allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

4.) Crew Hiring and training

As a private Jet owner, you become responsible for a crew, no matter how big or small. A jet needs a pilot, possibly a co-pilot and at least one attendant, if not more. The advantage of Blue Sky Travel Dreams aircraft management is you don’t have to deal with this reality yourself. You just travel. They step in and becomes your team. Putting to work their industry contacts to find ideal candidates for these positions. Taking care of all the vetting, hiring, and training of the crew required to operate your jet.

Jet Ownership Can Be Hard And Expensive, But It Doesn't Have To Be

Blue Sky Travel Dreams believe, with a better plan in place, you can enjoy the freedom jet ownership provides worry free. They can put together a plan that helps mange your expenses, ensures a crew is always available, provide a path for offset costs, and maintain your aircraft to FAA standards.

You’ve worked hard to get to this point. That doesn’t mean you need to do the same as a private jet owner.

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